our experts:

Our experts have rich experience in their respect areas,
providing you with specialised and professional services.

Moderator team

We have 5 senior moderators with market research experience of over 5 years on average.

To better serve the needs of multinational companies, we arrange experienced full-time bilingual moderators and a professional translation and interpretation team. From on-site simultaneous interpretation to off-site translation of transcripts or research reports, we guarantee the most effective communication between the companies and their consumers.

Key moderators:


  • Senior research consultant & ESOMAR member, with an EMBA degree from the China Europe International Business School & an MBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • With 15 years of experience within the market research industry, Cindy specializes in consumer research and branding research as a senior moderator and moderator trainer from the China Marketing Research Association.


  • M.D in psychology from Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • With 6 years of research experience in FMCG and IT/Internet, Ada is a moderator of over 100 focus groups and 100 in-depth interviews and accompanied shopping.


  • senior research consultant & esomar member with an mba degree
  • prior to joining yeinsight, alice conducted consumer research in famous advertising companies such as ogilvy and bates.
  • with 10 years of experience within the market research industry, she has proven expertise in feasibility study, consumer research, satisfaction research, brand and product positioning, particularly in copy test, concept testing and advertising effectiveness studies.


  • As a moderator of over 1000 focus groups, Ye has over 7 years of extensive research experience.
  • As a moderator of conferences in a wide range of fields including FMCG, mobile phone, personal care product, home appliance, education, cosmetic, wine, real estate, automobile and IT, Ye specializes in life style research, pricing and image research, product development, brand testing, product testing, advertisement testing and package testing.


  • Certified consultant from the Beijing Technology Consulting Industry Association and professional trainer of 3see (a professional market research website), with an MBA degree from the American City University
  • With 14 years of experience within the market research industry, Barbara is well versed in qualitative research. She specializes in providing clients with in-depth consumer insight.

Execution team

With an Executive Director and nearly 30 staffs, our execution team is divided into 6 geographical departments: North China Department, East China Department, South China Department, Central China Department, South-West China Department and External Affairs Department (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries). Each department has at least one senior supervisor and 2-3 supervisors to guarantee effective execution in different regions.

Key members of the execution team:


  • With over 10 years of experience in market research execution, Mark is responsible for the management and coordination for the national execution teams. He has strong expertise in execution training and quality management


  • With over 6 years of experience in market research execution, Julia is in charge of the External Affairs Department. She is well versed in execution training and quality management.

Research team

Instead of simply presenting information and facts, we focus on clients' real concerns about marketing and offer in-depth insights and viable solutions for product improvement, branding and promotion. Each industry research department has a director and a manager as well as a minimum of 2-3 senior researchers and 2-3 researchers in the industry.

Key researchers:


Research Director

  • Senior research consultant, SPSS Asia-Pacific data analyst, M.A. in marketing psychology from Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • With 10 years of experience within the market research industry, Gary has proven expertise in quantitative research, covering a wide range of fields such as market segmentation/positioning, consumer research, new product research, pricing, advertisement and branding.
  • Senior consultant for company research training


Research Manager

  • B.A in Management Science from Northwest University of Politics and Law
  • With 6 years of experience within the market research industry, Evan has led over 100 research projects.
  • He specializes in industry consulting, product research, branding research, consumer U&A research, consumer satisfaction research, channel research, product test, new product tracking, and competition research


Research Manager

  • M.A in Statistics
  • Having 6 years of experience within the market research industry, Alan specializes in FMCG research. He serves as manager of FMCG Department of Beijing DATA100 Market Research.
  • He offers extensive expertise in product demand (taste, package, concept, etc.) research, market segmentation, U&A research, branding research and advertisement research.


Research Director

  • Senior research consultant, M.A from institute of psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, B.A in finance from Nanjing University of Finance Economics.
  • Having 7 years of experience within the market research industry, Angou has proven expertise in consumer psychology research, development and application of research models and particularly products and technologies related to online survey.


Research Manager

  • M.A in social medicine from Peking Union Medical College
  • Amy has over 13 years of research experience. Her extensive expertise includes quantitative research and overall quality control of project data. She is also highly experienced in applying suitable research methods and data analysis methods to consumer psychology research, market segmentation and positioning, product development, advertisement research, branding research.