why us:

We have strong networks, abundant resources and rich experience in Asia.

Integrating various data-collecting techniques, we help your companies to cut cost and improve efficiency.

With a variety of data collection approaches developed for nearly 10 years, we choose the ones that best fit your project.

Quantitative Survey

  • Street intercept survey
  • Computer-assisted telephone survey
  • Online survey
  • Arranged interview
  • Product placement interview
  • Home-visit interview

Qualitative Survey

  • Focus group
  • One on one in-depth interview
  • Delphi Method


  • Mystery customer
  • Distribution channel checks

With a strong network of research execution and respondent recruitment, we help you to expand the market.

We have access to over 300 cities in China and have built a research network covering tier 1-6 cities in China. We also have long-term cooperation with local agencies in Hong Kong, Macao, and Chinese-speaking Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

With access to a large pool of respondent samples, we guarantee data integrity and reliability.

Our online sample database has access to over 4 million samples, among which one million are active samples. By conventional methods, our community liaison agents can recruit people from all social classes as respondents; other methods like on-the-spot interception are also employed.

Access to the premium consumer population has become an important feature of our respondent recruitment. To reach population groups such as upper classes, opinion leaders, and innovators, we have established close relationships with various associations like top-class car lovers' club, outdoor sports association, etc.

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Our strong project execution team assures you professional and efficient management.

  • With one Executive Director and nearly 30 staffs, our execution team is divided into 6 geographical departments: North China Department, East China Department, South China Department, Central China Department, South-West China Department and External Affairs Department (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries). Each department has at least one senior supervisor and 2-3 supervisors to guarantee effective execution in different regions.
  • To better serve the needs of multinational companies, we arrange experienced full-time bilingual moderators and a professional translation and interpretation team. From on-site simultaneous interpretation to off-site translation of transcripts or research reports, we guarantee the most effective communication between the brand companies and their consumers.
  • We have five experienced moderators with an average professional experience of over 5 years.

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We have good research facilities and equipment to guarantee smooth execution of your project.

We have facilities for focus groups and in-depth interviews in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan, all equipped with professional monitoring equipment. For execution teams that have long-term partnerships with us, facilities are one of our priorities.

Meeting room

Viewing room

Reception room

We carry out research with a keen insight into different industries.

We believe that research is not isolated work. To make research findings conducive to clients' business growth, consumer information must be analyzed in terms of larger context of industry and market.

As our core business, we focus on automobiles, 3C, IT & Internet , FMCG, luxury goods, cosmetics, and clothing. We design the best solutions to your business problems in different industries.

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Meanwhile, for each specific industry we build an independent research team and provide professional services to clients.

Instead of simply presenting information and facts, we focus on clients' key marketing issues and offer insights for product improvement, branding and marketing.

Each industry research department has a director and a manager as well as a minimum of 2-3 senior researchers and 2-3 researchers in the industry.

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We develop analytic tools to help you better tap into research findings for marketing practice.

Help you gain an in-depth insight into your industry

In-depth industry insight research will provide clear answers to the following questions:

  • What is the current size of the industry?
  • What is current status and potential of the industry?
  • What is the core driving force of the industry?
  • What are the characteristics of consumers?
  • Who are the main competitors?
  • What are their competitive advantages and disadvantages?
  • What gaps are to be filled in the industry?
  • What is the future direction of the industry and why?

Help you gain an in-depth insight into your consumers

Our in-depth consumer insight research helps you to understand attitudes, lifestyles and values of your consumers, and to devise marketing strategies accordingly.

Help you to get inspired for product innovation

Through a variety of innovative research tools, we help you to derive product inspirations and marketing solutions which cater to the needs of consumers.

Through the whole process of testing, we help you to get consumers' instant feedbacks, and launch marketable products and services for different market segments.

Help you to make the planning study of marketing program

With marketing planning study, we help you to choose the right media, to test and evaluate advertising script and its results, to assess consumer preferences as well as effects of specific theme activities, thus supporting your marketing planning in a direct and effective fashion.

Help you to enhance your user experience

User experience is the interface between the consumers and every aspect of your company. Therefore it is essential to understand consumers' perception of and their satisfaction with your products/services. We help you to enhance your user experience, increase your brand value, and ultimately build up your brand equity in the long run.

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